The Temple at Folksung

Now 17 years old Helson was maturing into a young man. He still took to his deception and while away from the temple he would conceal his demonic features, as it would just be easier for the Nordic folk who did not know him, but now he wouldn’t totally change his appearance just make himself look human. In the temple he would revert back to his true Tiefling form and he was involved in the overseeing of the finishing touches on the temple. He performed ceremonies and blessings as well as casting the ritual hallow on every corner of the temple. When performing his religious duties he would strip down half naked, oiling his upper body and showing the Ægishjálmur symbol on his back. The same symbol on the Crown of Storms – or sometimes referred to the Helm of Awe (or Helm of Terror when Suter wore it). The Temple was dedicated to all of the major Aesir Gods Baldur, Bragi, Freyja, Odin, Thor Heimdall and more shrines and niches were being dedicated all the time. It took most of the Tiefling’s time.

He had his friends from town working with him in the temple as well: Aud, Drott, Kolfrosta, and Mogfrey all were working to become clerics or administrators of some sort in the church. They were there with him in the beginning in the hag’s lair and they were kind to him when he returned to town with the Viking heroes who saved them. Because of the way he looked and his demon blood, many in town wanted him to leave or worse but the children spoke out on his behalf. Since he trusted them, they became his managers of the Temple. Although they were quite young they were devoted and eager to learn and grow the faith.

He did not see too much of his companions as they busied themselves in the lower section of the temple which worked to bring in the followers as well. Many of the young women there worked in both sections of the church and it helped with costs as well as recruiting converts.

He continued to have his visions, which he recorded in his diary best he could. Somewhere strange and cryptic but he was no longer haunted by dreams of his mother and Hel tormenting him. The Temple and his wards protected him from these he considered, but he felt their machinations tugging at the corner of his mind. Peace and prosperity had come to the village of Folksung. It was growing considerably and the Islands were now spreading the faith of the Norlandic peoples far beyond them – thanks in no small part to Helson and the help of his dear friends and companions.



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