Tiefling Warlock



He was barely a man – if that is what you can call him. Spawn of a vile hag and a demon from Helheim, Helson did not fit into this realm. At 14 he was highly advanced, intelligent and wise beyond his years. His eyes were a vivid blue green with extremely handsome features. He is slightly built and although not strong he is lithe and fast. He has sharply pointed teeth like that of a carnivore beast and the most strange and evil feature was horns like that on a ram that extruded from his forehead and curled around his ears. His skin had a red tinge that shown like gold in the sun. His long fine dark hair cascaded down behind his horns and he has no facial hair. He has a five foot long tail that whips around behind him and sometimes coils around his leg when he gets nervous. He is extremely shy, polite and courteous and just the nicest person you could ever meet which was diametrically opposite to his appearance.

The children from the hag’s lair Aud, Drott, Kolfrosta, and Mogfrey all adore him and protect him from the other people in Folksung who give him furtive glances and even throw rocks at him and tell him to go away. Whispers and stares follow him throughout the town. Kol Thorgeirsson has begrudgingly let him stay in his shed outside the Tanner’s Farm – Fjori has taken to the lad and they discuss many things outside the earshot of the rest of the town. Kol has been complaining that the boy needs to find another place to live.

Helson has been reading from his mother’s tome to Fjori. Fjori was surprised to find the lad so adept with the phrasing and sigils. He saw the lad had innate power and was infused with some evil power. He had come to find out that through the persuasion of his mother he had not only had the blood of a demon – he also held their power! She had him make a pact with Hel herself and had unlocked spectacular magic that the Hag had discovered. Drawing on the power of demons, devils, witches and hags from Helheim, Helson had somehow pieced together arcane secrets that bolstered his power! Although this power came from this evil realm Helson hadn’t the stomach for evil deeds. He had secretly used his power to protect the children, although his mother had figured out there was something not quite right about Helson – she felt that in time she would turn him. Now that she was dead these secrets could not be unseen – the stream of power could not be turned off. When would Helson have to pay for the use of this power? What curse fell upon him and perhaps the people who offered him respite? Fjori wondered if his father and the populous of Folksong were right in their belief that this demon had to leave. But then again what if this weapon could be turned against its masters? If these secrets could be used for good? What if this boy held the key to keeping evil at bay by using its own power against itself?


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