The Ice Palace

Helson attempts to locate some Gauntlets of Ogrepower for Kjorne, but the spell fails and drive Helson insane. Magnus and Kjorne use this opportunity to mess with him as much as possible. After they have their fun, Guthrum uses his prayer beads to return Helson’s sanity.

Helson, sanity restored, places the rune from Stonebones on the next portal. The party steps through and is assailed by the freezing temperature on the other side. They argue loudly and head down the hallway only to find some frost giants waiting for them.

As the first frost giant falls, another appears from a door behind the group, but is dispatched just as easily. In the guards bunkroom, Fjori finds some enchanted marbles of slope detection, and Guthrum finds a ring of Opposed Expectations.

The next room they enter is the entrance hall, and the group stops to look outside. Helson considers levitating out to get a better view of the area but ultimately decides against it, the fear of being picked off by a dragon keeps him inside.

The Norlandic Chosen clear out the kitchens, purging the place of ogres and Grunhilde, the palace cook. Feeling tired, they barricade the hallway forward, and take a short rest in the kitchens. When they remove the barricades, a pack of frostwolves lunges through. Most are slain handily, and the rest chase after an illusionary piece of meat, allowing the party to pass.

Hurrying down the hallway, the party runs straight into an enormous cavern that is home to a 7 headed cryohydra! The hydra proves no match for the group’s steel and fire, and neither is the cavern, which begins collapsing on everyone inside! Backing out of the room till the collapse stops, Guthrum the perfectly skins the hydra and Helson uses Tenser’s Floating Disk to bring it back to the portal.

Rushing out the other side of the cavern, the Chosen find themselves in the throne room of Thrym, King of the Frost Giants!

But it is not Thrym they face at first. Harashk, Thrym’s general waits with some frost giants to wear the group down. Once the group is fully engaged with him, an army of orcs flanks the party from the side hallway. Just as he is about to fall, Harashk calls out to Thrym, who arrives shortly with some more frost giants. Thrym casts Ice storm, which does little to the party, and Helson begins monologueing. Thrym gets tired of the Tiefling’s lisping, and casts silence on the party.

After a long hard battle, the Chosen emerge victorious, but another enemy appears, chasing them from the palace – An aberrant cross between a dragon and a frost giant that is enraged by it’s imprisonment in the palace!

The Norlandic chosen flee back through the portal, which closes just in time, trapping the monstrosity in Niflheim… for now.


Helson begins monologueing. Thrym gets tired of the Tiefling’s lisping, and casts silence on the party.


The Ice Palace

it doesn’t matter, cause it doesn’t matter!

The Ice Palace

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