Bores the Dragon
As played by the Who


After a couple of forays into the frozen castle the barbarians figured out the cold was emanating from North of the old throne room. The throne room appeared to be reconstructed from frozen blasts – all pointing to the fact that Bores the half giant half dragon resided in the castle. Opening up empty guard rooms along a – literal giant hall there were a couple of doors which emanated the cold. Going along the corridor, it wrapped around to another freezing cold door. Attempting a new tact – the barbarians first listened at the door and hearing low giant voices they cracked the door and peeked inside. It was Bores and a giant minion conversing on the far end of the hall. The Barbarians huddled up – “For a change let’s try some diplomacy” the huge barbarian told the group. The others waited for the key phrase from Kjorni and went down the hall to charge in if need be.

Then Kjorni brazenly entered the giant’s lair and began to converse with the monstrosity. He explained how the thing owed him a debt for freeing it and he would consider planting a device in the stone giant’s realm for peace between them. The dragon/king/giant agreed to give him rings of cold resistance if the job was completed.

When Kjorni wanted to get down to business and dismissed the giant minion with the king – as the frost giant opened the door he was surprised to see Helson stumble into the room – apparently he had his ear to the door and was surprised when it was opened.
With their ambush spoiled by the red devil the rest of the party entered the lair. Tiguark did not like the fact that they were not being paid up front and was not pleased that the rings would not work till they completed the mission. Magnus was at a loss of words and was bewildered by the fact that his brother continued to mince words with this beast… when was he gonna give the phrase to attack? is all he kept thinking…

Helson embarrassed by his fuck up tried to find a shadow to disappear into but the giant guard was now wary to his guile and kept stepping left and right so the tiefling could not get out of his sight. He sorely wanted to leave and was very cold, he hated this place.

Kjorni kept rattling on some nonsense and everyone lost interest, I think even Kjorni till finally he said “ Fuck it! – COME ON MAGNUS YOU FUCKIN’ PUSSY!”

Return to Niflheim

With the rest of the Norlandic Chosen out expanding the fame and fortune of the clan the upkeep of the temple and the Castle of the Winds was left in his capable hands. It was great that his friends felt him worthy and up to this task! It was North of the Icewall Mountains, In the Winter the pass froze over and was well – impassable. He was left to creating a road from Folksung to the Castle which took some time but over the course of a couple years the wilderness was cut back and a road, albeit quite muddy in the spring, was created. Helson developed a side route that he could keep open when the pass froze over in the winter – a few fireballs and some bracing he was able to keep the valley road open through the winter months.

When his friends returned – glorious in their endeavors they held a magnificent feast in the updated Castle of the Winds. Helson thought his friends were appreciative of the upgrades made to their new home. In the middle of the celebrations a Sage called upon their honored group. He spoke of Yggdrasil and a half giant dragon raging at the roots of the great tree. A disturbance in Helheim and a dark presence scheming – reminiscent of Helson’s dreams. A shiver went down the young tiefling’s back.

As the Sage further described the dragon the party knew the beast to be the very same one they had ran away from on Niflheim. As if on cue a stone giant appeared through the open portal to Jötunheimr. He brought tidings that the beast was threatening their realm and something needed to be done about it. Of course the fearless Norlandic Chosen rose to meet the threat!

After dismissing and thanking the sage Helson now had the problem of how to get back to Niflheim. After killing Thyrm with a mighty fireball the frozen hall of the Frost Giant King began to collapse – the Norlandic Chosen had to escape the palace before the roof fell in on them. When they stepped through the portal it was sealed. Now Helson needed a way to return to that frozen realm! He tried different combinations of the sigils he could remember and consulted with his tome till he was able to reconnect the portal from the Castle to Niflheim.


Stepping into the portal they were confronted with a cold unlike any other they had encountered before. They were northerners – used to the chill of the tundra and biting winds – but this was beyond that – no furs could stop the onslaught of frostbite from this cold.

Still they persevered and experienced déjà vu and they encountered the same sleeping frost giant guards and corridors leading back to the main throne room – except it was back in better shape than before the heroes destroyed it.

The Temple at Folksung

Now 17 years old Helson was maturing into a young man. He still took to his deception and while away from the temple he would conceal his demonic features, as it would just be easier for the Nordic folk who did not know him, but now he wouldn’t totally change his appearance just make himself look human. In the temple he would revert back to his true Tiefling form and he was involved in the overseeing of the finishing touches on the temple. He performed ceremonies and blessings as well as casting the ritual hallow on every corner of the temple. When performing his religious duties he would strip down half naked, oiling his upper body and showing the Ægishjálmur symbol on his back. The same symbol on the Crown of Storms – or sometimes referred to the Helm of Awe (or Helm of Terror when Suter wore it). The Temple was dedicated to all of the major Aesir Gods Baldur, Bragi, Freyja, Odin, Thor Heimdall and more shrines and niches were being dedicated all the time. It took most of the Tiefling’s time.

He had his friends from town working with him in the temple as well: Aud, Drott, Kolfrosta, and Mogfrey all were working to become clerics or administrators of some sort in the church. They were there with him in the beginning in the hag’s lair and they were kind to him when he returned to town with the Viking heroes who saved them. Because of the way he looked and his demon blood, many in town wanted him to leave or worse but the children spoke out on his behalf. Since he trusted them, they became his managers of the Temple. Although they were quite young they were devoted and eager to learn and grow the faith.

He did not see too much of his companions as they busied themselves in the lower section of the temple which worked to bring in the followers as well. Many of the young women there worked in both sections of the church and it helped with costs as well as recruiting converts.

He continued to have his visions, which he recorded in his diary best he could. Somewhere strange and cryptic but he was no longer haunted by dreams of his mother and Hel tormenting him. The Temple and his wards protected him from these he considered, but he felt their machinations tugging at the corner of his mind. Peace and prosperity had come to the village of Folksung. It was growing considerably and the Islands were now spreading the faith of the Norlandic peoples far beyond them – thanks in no small part to Helson and the help of his dear friends and companions.

After a lengthy hiatus

After a lengthy hiatus, we’re back to playing to legendary party of heroes from Folksung village! Two years have passed since the brave men (and Helson) defeated the God of Fire GIants, Surtur and returned the Helm of Thor to the gods of Asgard. What has your character been up to? We are level 12, so, make sure to update your character sheets.

To Asgard
The Norlandic Chosen are given a quest by their gods...


The Norlandic Chosen returned home, victorious, in their quest to defeat the God of the Fire Giants, Surtur, and retrieve the fabled Crown of Thor. Hundreds of giants, of all kinds, lay dead by their hands. In addition, the heroes recovered untold riches from the evil giants and their monstrous allies.

They soon returned to Folksung village, to share their fortune with the tiny settlement, except for Kjorne, who chose to stay in Icewall and build a longship with the quarter-shares of treasure given to him by Teggark the Indomitable Half-orc and Fjori (Wurl), after the later unleashed calamity on the party by daring to draw from the notorious artifact known as the Dick Deck of Many Things.


Many months followed, as the Norlandic Chosen spread their wealth, with the androgynous tiefling, Helson, comissioning a temple be built to their Aesir gods.

During the ceremony, time seemed to stop for the warriors, and each heard booming voices in their heads that bade them to climb the Bifrost Bridge into the realm of Asgard, on a mission of urgent import, the next day. True enough, the Rainbow Bridge did appear, just outside of Folksung, and the heroes made their climb.

Reaching the top of the Bifrost, nestled on a wispy, but substantial cloud, the party met the God of Guardians, Heimdall, outside of his lodge. The god bade them welcome and informed them of an urgent quest for which they’d been chosen.

A dwarf named Brokkir had recently been seen, followed by another, an invisible dwarf, heading toward Jotunheim, Land of the Giants, the Aesir’s eternal foes, for unknown and, Heimdall suspected, nefarious purposes. Suspecting something was amiss, Heimdall dispatched a Valkyrie to search the dwarf’s home caverns on Midgard, where she disovered the signs of urgent work. A weapon of tremendous power had been created! This weapon, judging by the remains of metal and lingering energies of the dweomers placed upon it, was of a strength to threaten the very Aesir of Asguard!

WIth Thor absent from Asguard on one of his usual giant-killing crusades, deep into Jotunheim and Odin, the All-Father also absent, wandering Midgard in disguise, the god Uller suggested that they summon the land’s most powerful warriors, the Norlandic Chosen, to get to the bottom of Brokkir’s deceptions.

All that was known, Heimdall explained to the heroes, was that Brokkir and his invisible companion were headed in the direction of the mountainous border region of Jotunheim. The Norlandic Chosen have taken up the pursuit of Brokkir and have reached deep into the mountain passes of the Smoke-Top region of Jotunheim, named for a massive volcano, rising above other immense peaks in the region.

The heroes have braved demons, slaad, a horde of giants and have yet to uncover the mystery of the dwarf-crafted weapon or the destination of the dwarf and his invisible companion, nor do they have any idea to what purpose the dwarf plans for this super weapon.


The Ice Palace

Helson attempts to locate some Gauntlets of Ogrepower for Kjorne, but the spell fails and drive Helson insane. Magnus and Kjorne use this opportunity to mess with him as much as possible. After they have their fun, Guthrum uses his prayer beads to return Helson’s sanity.

Helson, sanity restored, places the rune from Stonebones on the next portal. The party steps through and is assailed by the freezing temperature on the other side. They argue loudly and head down the hallway only to find some frost giants waiting for them.

As the first frost giant falls, another appears from a door behind the group, but is dispatched just as easily. In the guards bunkroom, Fjori finds some enchanted marbles of slope detection, and Guthrum finds a ring of Opposed Expectations.

The next room they enter is the entrance hall, and the group stops to look outside. Helson considers levitating out to get a better view of the area but ultimately decides against it, the fear of being picked off by a dragon keeps him inside.

The Norlandic Chosen clear out the kitchens, purging the place of ogres and Grunhilde, the palace cook. Feeling tired, they barricade the hallway forward, and take a short rest in the kitchens. When they remove the barricades, a pack of frostwolves lunges through. Most are slain handily, and the rest chase after an illusionary piece of meat, allowing the party to pass.

Hurrying down the hallway, the party runs straight into an enormous cavern that is home to a 7 headed cryohydra! The hydra proves no match for the group’s steel and fire, and neither is the cavern, which begins collapsing on everyone inside! Backing out of the room till the collapse stops, Guthrum the perfectly skins the hydra and Helson uses Tenser’s Floating Disk to bring it back to the portal.

Rushing out the other side of the cavern, the Chosen find themselves in the throne room of Thrym, King of the Frost Giants!

But it is not Thrym they face at first. Harashk, Thrym’s general waits with some frost giants to wear the group down. Once the group is fully engaged with him, an army of orcs flanks the party from the side hallway. Just as he is about to fall, Harashk calls out to Thrym, who arrives shortly with some more frost giants. Thrym casts Ice storm, which does little to the party, and Helson begins monologueing. Thrym gets tired of the Tiefling’s lisping, and casts silence on the party.

After a long hard battle, the Chosen emerge victorious, but another enemy appears, chasing them from the palace – An aberrant cross between a dragon and a frost giant that is enraged by it’s imprisonment in the palace!

The Norlandic chosen flee back through the portal, which closes just in time, trapping the monstrosity in Niflheim… for now.

Broken by Stone

Helson, Magnus, and Kjorne spend the night in the werewolf den. The fog outside is too dense to travel safely at night. In the morning they attempt to follow their trail back to the mountain.
Fjori and Guthrum finally shake Tegark from his hysteria, and make camp in the cave. In the morning they head into the forest to find their friends.
While tracking, they hear combat in the distance. They rush over and find their friends fighting a wolf that is larger than even the tallest giant they’ve seen. The wolf’s hide is scaled, and it’s tongue is a pair of snakes! Helson later identifies it as a Son of Fenrir.

The Chosen clashed with the great beast, and during the battle it managed to swallow Magnus. The group finally felled the foe and cut their giantslaying friend free from it’s acidic belly. Guthrum skinned the beast and claimed its hide, while Fjori claimed it’s teeth.
Upon returning to the mountain, the group decided to acsend the summit again. And again partway up they hear the words “Who Approaches?”. And this time it is Helson who replies, “We are the Norlandic Chosen and we are here to kill you!” And this time it is Helson that gets bludgeoned with boulders as a very similar fight breaks out on the mountain trail.

And again one Stone Giant blows a horn, but this time no more giants burst forth. The party enters the mountain at the summit to investigate, discovering the entire history of the stone giants beautifully carved in the walls, floor and ceiling of this giants’ sanctuary.
They do not, however, find any stone giants.

Exploring within, they find a dining hall, carving rooms and supply rooms, empty bunks and storage rooms. Then, at the end of a giant sized hallway, they find a human sized door. Kjorne uses Helson as a battering ram and shoves him through the door horns first. Helson sprawls through onto the floor of an enormous throneroom. Lifting his gaze, he sees 8 stone giants standing in a circle around him, staring at him. An enormous stone giant sits upon the purplish-black stone throne at the far end of the room.

“Why have you come to my sanctum, creatures of Midgard?” Booms the stone giant king.
“We’re here to kill you,” responds Kjorne, and everyone draws their weapons. Confident in his advantage, Stonebones casts Wall of Stone behind the party – forcing them to fight with no chance to flee.
After slaying 5 Stone giants, Kjorne, Guthrum, and Tegark are beaten senseless by the giants. Fjori bravely attacks the king, causing the Wall of Stone to dissipate; Helson immediately flees. Stonebones decides that this band of mortals may actually stand a chance against Surtur, and offers them their lives in exchange for leaving the stone giants alone to practice their artisanry.
Magnus, seeing no other option for survival accepts the offer. Fjori exchanges gifts with the giant king as an offering of good faith, and the party acquires a Hammer of Thunderbolts.

A short jaunt back down the mountain and through the portal, and the group finds themselves back in the Castle of the Winds. This time, the portal closes, but is not destroyed. Helson makes a tiny hut, and the group prepares for bed.
Helson waits up and once he notices that Kjorne has fallen asleep, he begins casting a spell…



Kjorne wakes up with a start. “AUGH WHAT THE FUCK!?”


“Helson are you fucking up my dreams with sorcery?”
“Why, What happened?”
The Norlandic Chosen activate the next portal in the castle. Stepping through, they find themselves in a carved cave. Outside of the cave is a familiar looking foggy pine forest.

Leaving the cave. and looking behind them, the party discovers a huge mountain. Nearby is an enormous stone henge with the words “Stonebones’ Summit” carved across the top in Giantish. A path begins at the henge and winds it’s way up the mountain.

Partway up the mountain, the party pulls to a halt as a rumbling voice from above booms out “Who Approaches?”

Kjorne responds “We are the Norlandic Chosen, and we’re here to kill you!”

2 boulders strike him as soon as the words leave his mouth.

After a short skirmish, the giants are defeated, but not before one lets out a warning on his war horn.

The party decides to rest out in the open on the mountain, and is interrupted by 8 more giants. Instead of retreating, they summon the valkyrie from Valhalla to aid them. Barely overcoming the giants, the Chosen decide to head back to the cave to rest.

While Helson works on summoning a shelter, a pack of werewolves dashes out of the forest, drawn by the scent of blood. With them is a horribly misshapen bipedal wolf that looks pregnant. It’s jaw hangs distended like a snake about to swallow prey.

It gazes at Tegark, and he feels the terror of mortality take over him. He flees into the cave and cowers in the corner. Kjorne and Magnus valiantly try to fend off the werewolves, but Kjorne slips in the mud; his maul braining him in the head, he falls unconcious. The Nightgarm – seeing it’s prey fall unconscious – sweeps in, swallowing Kjorne in a single gulp, and runs off into the woods!

Magnus and Helson refuse to abandon hope, and follow the werewolves to their cave. They slay the beasts in brutal fashion, and rescue their companion.

Dining Hall Brawl

The sound of metal on metal rings as hammer strikes white-hot steel.

“Grom, why do we always have to work with these shitty tools for the hobgoblins? Can’t we just give them some of our surplus garbage from the fort?”

“Shut up and keep working, we’re almost done here anyways, then we can get back home where its nice and warm.”

Suddenly the door breaks open, and a demon stumbles through. “Ega naka awuna, ena eketa engicha!” It says. Then there’s a popping noise and Grom is laying on the floor of the throne room in Muspelheim.

“Why are you back Grom, are the preparations complete?”

“Milord, we were almost finished, but a demon came in and cast some spell on me. I can’t seem to move!”
Meanwhile Hojbruk dumps the hot coals on the intruders as they pour into the forge room. In less than 6 seconds, he breathes his last breath as he bleeds out; cursing his lord for giving him forge duty.
One minute later, Helson says “You will stay in Muspelheim forever! You’ll never return to this plane. We are protected by the gods, and they will not allow you to return here!”

In Muspelheim, Grom can move again. He stands up, and says “Milord, what is your command?”

“You will have forge duty for the next 30 years. I will send word to Surtur that there is someone meddling in his plans.”
Back in the castle, the Norlandic Chosen loot the freshly forged weapons in the armory. The barbarians convince the half-orc to open the chest, and he narrowly dodges a poison dart trap.

Continuing their investigation of the castle, they find a prayer hall with an alter similar to the one the prisoner was chained to. Around the room are groupings of glyphs, and as Helson makes a rubbing of one, a portal appears! Helson does some tests and determines the portal goes to Utgard.
“We need to dithroy thith portal, maybe we thould thmath it!” He exclaims.
“I don’t know if we should destroy it, I’ve got a bad feeling about this” Counters Kjorne.
“Why not? it’s where the gianth come from!”
“We should go there and kill them then!”

While the two are arguing, Tegark walks up and uses shatter to smash the runes, sending shrapnel flying across the room with a thunderclap. The portal remains unaffected. Kjorne prays at the shrine for direction and determines they must pass through the portal and defeat the giants.

But first the Chosen decide they need a bathroom break and piss down a hole in the floor into the caves below the castle.
On the other side of the portal, 2 hill giants lie sleeping. Snoring echoes throughout the room in this wooden structure.

The party makes short work of the sleeping giants, then moves up the spiral staircase in the southwest corner to kill the sleeping sentry there, and disable the alarm system of the fortress. Looking out the watchtower, they see that the grasslands the giants live in only extends a small ways in each direction, quickly merging into a dense pine forest with thick fog obscuring the ground.

Feeling a bit lost, they head back down the stairs, and decide to explore. Kjorne decides to kick in the huge doubledoors into the fortress, and stumbles into a dark hallway. Charging down the hall, the group emerges in the Giants’ dining hall during the middle of a feast! Magnus and Kjorne begin attacking anything that moves, while Helson launches fireballs at the chieftain. Tegark holds off the onslaught as long as he can. After a fierce battle, the Chief, Utgardhalok falls to Tegark’s blade, and the Chosen – being severely battered – decide to retreat back through the portal before reinforcements come.

As they step back through the portal, it shimmers and warps, then disappears with a pop, leaving a slab of stone with a rune on it behind.

The New Old Enemy

Baba Yaga Intervened in the Norlandic Chosen’s rampant slaughtering of cultists, spiriting them away to her chicken legged hut. Clearly the imbalance of the elements was too trivial a matter for these brutes. Their destiny threads called them to a far greater fate.

Hel had come to her, asking for her to force the young tiefling into submission and remove the Fossegrim’s protection. Baba Yaga was no stranger to the pleas of mortals; but a god would have far more to offer her. She would do this ritual, and in return she would alter the very fabric of reality, setting things up to be more… amusing. Perhaps she would even be able to keep it secret for a time.
“What the fuck? Again? Where the fuck are we now?”
“Theeth woodth look familiar. I think we’re near Folkthung!”
Brush and scraggly vegetation crunched underfoot as everyone explored the area.
“Guys, I think I found the road. And judging by the mountains… I’d say we’re near Icewall”
“Didn’t we have a boat?”
“I think we thould go home”
“Why the fuck would we want to do that?”
“Don’t you live in a cave Helson?”
“No, I live with Thyvoth!”
Weeks later, in the town of Icewall, the Norlandic Chosen are approached by a man of regal bearing who introduces himself as Prince Arvi, son of King Lifthransir, of the Castle of the Winds. He is looking for a party to clean out his family’s castle and return a magic helm so he can end his family’s curse. The vikings are looking for plunder and adventure, and possibly a castle. A short negotiation and a long walk later, the party arrives at the Castle of the Winds.

The gate is rotted off the hinges, dust everywhere and a disturbing lack of tracks.
“Are we even sure we’re at the right castle?”
“Ya, he said this is the one.”
Upon exploring a bit more, and almost dying horribly to a combination of bad aim and an emaciated carrion crawler, the group found an enchanted throne… that tells them they need to defeat a god of fire, steal a stolen treasure, and prevent Ragnarok!

After trying to kill the throne unsuccessfully, everyone decided to go downstairs and drink booze with the were-rats. They aren’t too happy about that since they did all the brewing, but they weren’t given a choice in the matter.

Slowed only momentarily in their murderspree by the orc guards, the Chosen rush to the next party they can hear. Only 1 of the 5 partygoers is excited to see the guestlist double. After dispatching all the ogres and releasing the prisoner, Helson decides to offer a massage and happy ending to the prisoner. Horribly disturbed by this, he decides instead to risk bleeding to death as he heads back to town as quickly as possible.


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