Magnus Von Magnusson

Barbarian of the Folksung Clan


Magnus Character sheet

Only non-standard thing I did was take the feat instead of the +1 to all stats for human. I took “Charger”


Magnus is the son of Magnus the older, a trapper of the Folksung clan. Magnus would help his father who was pretty successful trapping game for food and for furs with a little extra that could be sold on the caravan during the good years. Magnus the younger has just recently reached manhood and is ready to make a name for himself. He has always wanted to leave the settlement to see what is beyond and to seek glory for his clan.

He has been trained as a warrior and has shown much promise. His particular taste is to be the first one in and try to fell his enemy before they have a chance to know what has hit them. He has found the ability to channel his rage into battle to quickly down his enemies, though he hasn’t seen any “Real” battle yet, he is definitely eager to do so.

Magnus Von Magnusson

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