Eyolf Hagelson

He is a tall muscular man with blonde hair and long braided beard


From the clash of the Valkyrie the wound bees drank from the river of swords. My tales recount glorious battles of the mind’s worth. I am the sower of the mead of Odin, the skald Eyolf.

He has a Lyre inscribed with mystic runes. His tales are strange and cryptic using ambiguous figures of speech. He has a small gem encrusted chalice symbol on a fine silver chain around his neck and he is typically never without a full chalice of mead in his hand. He loves to fight and if it wasn’t for his stories he wouldn’t be welcome in any tavern about.

He was on his way to Todheim to the west when he came across Folksung and had been staying in the Thingstead and telling stories of the surrounding lands to Sveaflan.


Eyolf Hagelson

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