Dag Hjortson

Ranger of the Folksung Clan


Dag Character Sheet

Well I made a ranger too for fun, He can just be a backup I guess.


Dag Hjortson is a hunter and an archer. He believes that he and the rest of the clan must follow the changes that nature presents them. Standing still will lead to extinction. He has disdain for farmers and prefers the hunting and gathering lifestyle as it is more adaptable. Someone trained to hunt, can quickly adjust in times of war. Someone trained to farm is just dead weight.

Despite his openness to change, he still does not trust members of other tribes and would prefer to either conquer or live separately without interaction. He believes that the tribe must boost their numbers the old fashioned way, but he is an ugly fellow and lacks social graces, so women rarely lay down with him other than the thrall who don’t have much of a choice.

He spends most of his day either hunting, or practicing with his bow. He is perhaps the best shooter in the entire clan, though he hasn’t proven himself enough for anyone to recognize that. He looks forward to getting a chance to show his worth to the tribe.

Dag Hjortson

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