To Asgard

The Norlandic Chosen are given a quest by their gods...


The Norlandic Chosen returned home, victorious, in their quest to defeat the God of the Fire Giants, Surtur, and retrieve the fabled Crown of Thor. Hundreds of giants, of all kinds, lay dead by their hands. In addition, the heroes recovered untold riches from the evil giants and their monstrous allies.

They soon returned to Folksung village, to share their fortune with the tiny settlement, except for Kjorne, who chose to stay in Icewall and build a longship with the quarter-shares of treasure given to him by Teggark the Indomitable Half-orc and Fjori (Wurl), after the later unleashed calamity on the party by daring to draw from the notorious artifact known as the Dick Deck of Many Things.


Many months followed, as the Norlandic Chosen spread their wealth, with the androgynous tiefling, Helson, comissioning a temple be built to their Aesir gods.

During the ceremony, time seemed to stop for the warriors, and each heard booming voices in their heads that bade them to climb the Bifrost Bridge into the realm of Asgard, on a mission of urgent import, the next day. True enough, the Rainbow Bridge did appear, just outside of Folksung, and the heroes made their climb.

Reaching the top of the Bifrost, nestled on a wispy, but substantial cloud, the party met the God of Guardians, Heimdall, outside of his lodge. The god bade them welcome and informed them of an urgent quest for which they’d been chosen.

A dwarf named Brokkir had recently been seen, followed by another, an invisible dwarf, heading toward Jotunheim, Land of the Giants, the Aesir’s eternal foes, for unknown and, Heimdall suspected, nefarious purposes. Suspecting something was amiss, Heimdall dispatched a Valkyrie to search the dwarf’s home caverns on Midgard, where she disovered the signs of urgent work. A weapon of tremendous power had been created! This weapon, judging by the remains of metal and lingering energies of the dweomers placed upon it, was of a strength to threaten the very Aesir of Asguard!

WIth Thor absent from Asguard on one of his usual giant-killing crusades, deep into Jotunheim and Odin, the All-Father also absent, wandering Midgard in disguise, the god Uller suggested that they summon the land’s most powerful warriors, the Norlandic Chosen, to get to the bottom of Brokkir’s deceptions.

All that was known, Heimdall explained to the heroes, was that Brokkir and his invisible companion were headed in the direction of the mountainous border region of Jotunheim. The Norlandic Chosen have taken up the pursuit of Brokkir and have reached deep into the mountain passes of the Smoke-Top region of Jotunheim, named for a massive volcano, rising above other immense peaks in the region.

The heroes have braved demons, slaad, a horde of giants and have yet to uncover the mystery of the dwarf-crafted weapon or the destination of the dwarf and his invisible companion, nor do they have any idea to what purpose the dwarf plans for this super weapon.




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