Return to Niflheim

With the rest of the Norlandic Chosen out expanding the fame and fortune of the clan the upkeep of the temple and the Castle of the Winds was left in his capable hands. It was great that his friends felt him worthy and up to this task! It was North of the Icewall Mountains, In the Winter the pass froze over and was well – impassable. He was left to creating a road from Folksung to the Castle which took some time but over the course of a couple years the wilderness was cut back and a road, albeit quite muddy in the spring, was created. Helson developed a side route that he could keep open when the pass froze over in the winter – a few fireballs and some bracing he was able to keep the valley road open through the winter months.

When his friends returned – glorious in their endeavors they held a magnificent feast in the updated Castle of the Winds. Helson thought his friends were appreciative of the upgrades made to their new home. In the middle of the celebrations a Sage called upon their honored group. He spoke of Yggdrasil and a half giant dragon raging at the roots of the great tree. A disturbance in Helheim and a dark presence scheming – reminiscent of Helson’s dreams. A shiver went down the young tiefling’s back.

As the Sage further described the dragon the party knew the beast to be the very same one they had ran away from on Niflheim. As if on cue a stone giant appeared through the open portal to Jötunheimr. He brought tidings that the beast was threatening their realm and something needed to be done about it. Of course the fearless Norlandic Chosen rose to meet the threat!

After dismissing and thanking the sage Helson now had the problem of how to get back to Niflheim. After killing Thyrm with a mighty fireball the frozen hall of the Frost Giant King began to collapse – the Norlandic Chosen had to escape the palace before the roof fell in on them. When they stepped through the portal it was sealed. Now Helson needed a way to return to that frozen realm! He tried different combinations of the sigils he could remember and consulted with his tome till he was able to reconnect the portal from the Castle to Niflheim.


Stepping into the portal they were confronted with a cold unlike any other they had encountered before. They were northerners – used to the chill of the tundra and biting winds – but this was beyond that – no furs could stop the onslaught of frostbite from this cold.

Still they persevered and experienced déjà vu and they encountered the same sleeping frost giant guards and corridors leading back to the main throne room – except it was back in better shape than before the heroes destroyed it.



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