Kjorne wakes up with a start. “AUGH WHAT THE FUCK!?”


“Helson are you fucking up my dreams with sorcery?”
“Why, What happened?”
The Norlandic Chosen activate the next portal in the castle. Stepping through, they find themselves in a carved cave. Outside of the cave is a familiar looking foggy pine forest.

Leaving the cave. and looking behind them, the party discovers a huge mountain. Nearby is an enormous stone henge with the words “Stonebones’ Summit” carved across the top in Giantish. A path begins at the henge and winds it’s way up the mountain.

Partway up the mountain, the party pulls to a halt as a rumbling voice from above booms out “Who Approaches?”

Kjorne responds “We are the Norlandic Chosen, and we’re here to kill you!”

2 boulders strike him as soon as the words leave his mouth.

After a short skirmish, the giants are defeated, but not before one lets out a warning on his war horn.

The party decides to rest out in the open on the mountain, and is interrupted by 8 more giants. Instead of retreating, they summon the valkyrie from Valhalla to aid them. Barely overcoming the giants, the Chosen decide to head back to the cave to rest.

While Helson works on summoning a shelter, a pack of werewolves dashes out of the forest, drawn by the scent of blood. With them is a horribly misshapen bipedal wolf that looks pregnant. It’s jaw hangs distended like a snake about to swallow prey.

It gazes at Tegark, and he feels the terror of mortality take over him. He flees into the cave and cowers in the corner. Kjorne and Magnus valiantly try to fend off the werewolves, but Kjorne slips in the mud; his maul braining him in the head, he falls unconcious. The Nightgarm – seeing it’s prey fall unconscious – sweeps in, swallowing Kjorne in a single gulp, and runs off into the woods!

Magnus and Helson refuse to abandon hope, and follow the werewolves to their cave. They slay the beasts in brutal fashion, and rescue their companion.


Classic! Really disturbing imagery!


Redacted for terms of service :(


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