Dining Hall Brawl

The sound of metal on metal rings as hammer strikes white-hot steel.

“Grom, why do we always have to work with these shitty tools for the hobgoblins? Can’t we just give them some of our surplus garbage from the fort?”

“Shut up and keep working, we’re almost done here anyways, then we can get back home where its nice and warm.”

Suddenly the door breaks open, and a demon stumbles through. “Ega naka awuna, ena eketa engicha!” It says. Then there’s a popping noise and Grom is laying on the floor of the throne room in Muspelheim.

“Why are you back Grom, are the preparations complete?”

“Milord, we were almost finished, but a demon came in and cast some spell on me. I can’t seem to move!”
Meanwhile Hojbruk dumps the hot coals on the intruders as they pour into the forge room. In less than 6 seconds, he breathes his last breath as he bleeds out; cursing his lord for giving him forge duty.
One minute later, Helson says “You will stay in Muspelheim forever! You’ll never return to this plane. We are protected by the gods, and they will not allow you to return here!”

In Muspelheim, Grom can move again. He stands up, and says “Milord, what is your command?”

“You will have forge duty for the next 30 years. I will send word to Surtur that there is someone meddling in his plans.”
Back in the castle, the Norlandic Chosen loot the freshly forged weapons in the armory. The barbarians convince the half-orc to open the chest, and he narrowly dodges a poison dart trap.

Continuing their investigation of the castle, they find a prayer hall with an alter similar to the one the prisoner was chained to. Around the room are groupings of glyphs, and as Helson makes a rubbing of one, a portal appears! Helson does some tests and determines the portal goes to Utgard.
“We need to dithroy thith portal, maybe we thould thmath it!” He exclaims.
“I don’t know if we should destroy it, I’ve got a bad feeling about this” Counters Kjorne.
“Why not? it’s where the gianth come from!”
“We should go there and kill them then!”

While the two are arguing, Tegark walks up and uses shatter to smash the runes, sending shrapnel flying across the room with a thunderclap. The portal remains unaffected. Kjorne prays at the shrine for direction and determines they must pass through the portal and defeat the giants.

But first the Chosen decide they need a bathroom break and piss down a hole in the floor into the caves below the castle.
On the other side of the portal, 2 hill giants lie sleeping. Snoring echoes throughout the room in this wooden structure.

The party makes short work of the sleeping giants, then moves up the spiral staircase in the southwest corner to kill the sleeping sentry there, and disable the alarm system of the fortress. Looking out the watchtower, they see that the grasslands the giants live in only extends a small ways in each direction, quickly merging into a dense pine forest with thick fog obscuring the ground.

Feeling a bit lost, they head back down the stairs, and decide to explore. Kjorne decides to kick in the huge doubledoors into the fortress, and stumbles into a dark hallway. Charging down the hall, the group emerges in the Giants’ dining hall during the middle of a feast! Magnus and Kjorne begin attacking anything that moves, while Helson launches fireballs at the chieftain. Tegark holds off the onslaught as long as he can. After a fierce battle, the Chief, Utgardhalok falls to Tegark’s blade, and the Chosen – being severely battered – decide to retreat back through the portal before reinforcements come.

As they step back through the portal, it shimmers and warps, then disappears with a pop, leaving a slab of stone with a rune on it behind.



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