Broken by Stone

Helson, Magnus, and Kjorne spend the night in the werewolf den. The fog outside is too dense to travel safely at night. In the morning they attempt to follow their trail back to the mountain.
Fjori and Guthrum finally shake Tegark from his hysteria, and make camp in the cave. In the morning they head into the forest to find their friends.
While tracking, they hear combat in the distance. They rush over and find their friends fighting a wolf that is larger than even the tallest giant they’ve seen. The wolf’s hide is scaled, and it’s tongue is a pair of snakes! Helson later identifies it as a Son of Fenrir.

The Chosen clashed with the great beast, and during the battle it managed to swallow Magnus. The group finally felled the foe and cut their giantslaying friend free from it’s acidic belly. Guthrum skinned the beast and claimed its hide, while Fjori claimed it’s teeth.
Upon returning to the mountain, the group decided to acsend the summit again. And again partway up they hear the words “Who Approaches?”. And this time it is Helson who replies, “We are the Norlandic Chosen and we are here to kill you!” And this time it is Helson that gets bludgeoned with boulders as a very similar fight breaks out on the mountain trail.

And again one Stone Giant blows a horn, but this time no more giants burst forth. The party enters the mountain at the summit to investigate, discovering the entire history of the stone giants beautifully carved in the walls, floor and ceiling of this giants’ sanctuary.
They do not, however, find any stone giants.

Exploring within, they find a dining hall, carving rooms and supply rooms, empty bunks and storage rooms. Then, at the end of a giant sized hallway, they find a human sized door. Kjorne uses Helson as a battering ram and shoves him through the door horns first. Helson sprawls through onto the floor of an enormous throneroom. Lifting his gaze, he sees 8 stone giants standing in a circle around him, staring at him. An enormous stone giant sits upon the purplish-black stone throne at the far end of the room.

“Why have you come to my sanctum, creatures of Midgard?” Booms the stone giant king.
“We’re here to kill you,” responds Kjorne, and everyone draws their weapons. Confident in his advantage, Stonebones casts Wall of Stone behind the party – forcing them to fight with no chance to flee.
After slaying 5 Stone giants, Kjorne, Guthrum, and Tegark are beaten senseless by the giants. Fjori bravely attacks the king, causing the Wall of Stone to dissipate; Helson immediately flees. Stonebones decides that this band of mortals may actually stand a chance against Surtur, and offers them their lives in exchange for leaving the stone giants alone to practice their artisanry.
Magnus, seeing no other option for survival accepts the offer. Fjori exchanges gifts with the giant king as an offering of good faith, and the party acquires a Hammer of Thunderbolts.

A short jaunt back down the mountain and through the portal, and the group finds themselves back in the Castle of the Winds. This time, the portal closes, but is not destroyed. Helson makes a tiny hut, and the group prepares for bed.
Helson waits up and once he notices that Kjorne has fallen asleep, he begins casting a spell…



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