Bores the Dragon

As played by the Who


After a couple of forays into the frozen castle the barbarians figured out the cold was emanating from North of the old throne room. The throne room appeared to be reconstructed from frozen blasts – all pointing to the fact that Bores the half giant half dragon resided in the castle. Opening up empty guard rooms along a – literal giant hall there were a couple of doors which emanated the cold. Going along the corridor, it wrapped around to another freezing cold door. Attempting a new tact – the barbarians first listened at the door and hearing low giant voices they cracked the door and peeked inside. It was Bores and a giant minion conversing on the far end of the hall. The Barbarians huddled up – “For a change let’s try some diplomacy” the huge barbarian told the group. The others waited for the key phrase from Kjorni and went down the hall to charge in if need be.

Then Kjorni brazenly entered the giant’s lair and began to converse with the monstrosity. He explained how the thing owed him a debt for freeing it and he would consider planting a device in the stone giant’s realm for peace between them. The dragon/king/giant agreed to give him rings of cold resistance if the job was completed.

When Kjorni wanted to get down to business and dismissed the giant minion with the king – as the frost giant opened the door he was surprised to see Helson stumble into the room – apparently he had his ear to the door and was surprised when it was opened.
With their ambush spoiled by the red devil the rest of the party entered the lair. Tiguark did not like the fact that they were not being paid up front and was not pleased that the rings would not work till they completed the mission. Magnus was at a loss of words and was bewildered by the fact that his brother continued to mince words with this beast… when was he gonna give the phrase to attack? is all he kept thinking…

Helson embarrassed by his fuck up tried to find a shadow to disappear into but the giant guard was now wary to his guile and kept stepping left and right so the tiefling could not get out of his sight. He sorely wanted to leave and was very cold, he hated this place.

Kjorni kept rattling on some nonsense and everyone lost interest, I think even Kjorni till finally he said “ Fuck it! – COME ON MAGNUS YOU FUCKIN’ PUSSY!”



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